The English Lady

The English Lady’s September Visit Podcast

The English Lady talks with callers and talks about her garden club talk coming up soon. Listen on demand.


ICYMI – The English Lady with August Gardening Tips

Water? Fertilizer? Pruning? When!!! Get the answers here!


ICYMI – The English Lady Visits Allan, Mike & Mary

Maureen Hasley-Jones paid her first visit of the year this past Thursday to talk about gardening.  If you missed her, fear not!  We’ve made it easy for you to listen on demand below!


The English Lady’s June Visit With Allan Mike & Mary

Maureen Haseley-Jones was in studio with Allan Mike & Allison last Thursday, to chat about what was on gardeners minds.  If you missed it, here are some of the conversations by topic with listeners about […]


The English Lady Garden Advice Podcasts

Maureen Haseley-Jones visit on the morning show last Thursday.  If you missed it, here are some of the conversations by topic with listeners about their gardening concerns. Listen on demand to the podcasts below by […]


The English Lady Is Back: Preparing For Spring

Maureen Haseley Jones was back in studio last Thursday to talk about getting ready for another summer of gardening.  If you missed it, you can listen right here. Segment One-Greeting.  Saving Butterflies and Bees. In […]


The English Lady’s July Visit Podcasts

The English Lady’s July visit was last Thursday. If you missed the broadcast because of vacation or just because you were busy, you can listen on demand right here. The show is in two segments.


The English Lady Gardening Podcasts

Maureen Hasely-Jones joins Allan Mike and Mary every month in the Spring through Fall. She was in last Thursday and took calls from listeners on many topics. Here are a few segments so you can listen on demand.


The English Lady Podcasts

In case you missed it last Thursday, Maureen Hasely-Jones the English Lady visited Allan Mike & Allison to talk about what is on peoples minds regarding their gardens.  In the first call, Maureen answered a […]


The English Lady May 2013 Podcasts

If you missed Maureen Haseley-Jones, The English Lady with  Allan Mike & Allison on Thursday morning, we have taken the work out of listening. Here are the shows phone calls for you to listen to […]



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