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A Connecticut girl through & through, Mary was born in Hartford and raised in Rocky Hill. She has hosted morning shows from Danbury to New Haven and back to Hartford. Mary is the mother of two young boys, both under 2 and 11 1/2 months apart, who always keep her on her toes!  Mary is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and she believes in “baby brain”.  Reality television is her guilty pleasure from the any of the Housewives to Bad Girls Club to Big Brother. But CBS Sunday morning is her “appointment television” every weekend, and she LOVES Bob Scheiffer.

She loves pink champagne and a good cabernet, purses and shoes (because they always fit!) Saying she is fond of wearing all black head to toe is an understatement. Mary finds it not only slimming but easy to match at 3:30 in the morning.  Mary loves giving back and supports many different local charities including Protectors of Animals,The Meriden Humane Society & The Petit Family Foundation.  Mary is no stranger to strangers so if you see her out and about, please, make sure you stop her and say hello!

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