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A lifelong WRCH fan, Leia began as a part time DJ at Lite and quickly found her place as the producer of the WRCH Morning Show.  Whether it’s sharing videos and recipes, chiming in during the Morning Show or filling in for Dean Richards on pillow Talk, it’s easy to hear Leia’s passion for radio as well as her connection with our listeners.

Leia grew up in New Britain, a graduate of New Britain High School and one of five children.  She speaks Polish and loves talking to our listeners and meeting them during appearances.  Leia’s favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and her love for older songs can make it sometimes hard to believe she was born in 1983!  Either way, she’s proven herself over the years to be an invaluable member of the WRCH family.

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Meet Leia In Avon Today!

Have we met? If not I think its high time we do!

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Joe Furey’s Weather

Next couple of days will be cloudy with a few showers, certainly not a wash-out though! The real question is what does the weekend look like. Joe Furey has all the details in your full [...]

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Allan Mike & Mary: Try It Tuesday Cappuccino, Wasabi, Mango Chips Video

Most of us have heard about the new flavors of potato chips, things like “chicken and waffles” and “cheesy garlic bread”. Well there were a few out there that we hadn’t tried yet, and among them were “cappuccino” flavored.


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New Recipe: Zucchini Brownies

Ok I know what you’re thinking, zucchini bread is ok but brownies is taking things a step too far! I thought the same thing but as usual, curiosity got the better of me so I had to try it for myself just to be sure.


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Street Performer Wows The Crowd

This video is one I had to watch several times to believe what I was hearing. This young man has a talent many strive to attain but even with years of practice, few ever do. Its likely only a matter of time before someone taps him for a professional contract.


(Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Universal Music)

This Weekend At The Box Office

Whether its giggles or drama you’re looking for this weekend, you can probably find it at the movies.


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Lauren Bacall Remembered

Lauren Bacall, best known as Humphrey Bogart’s wife and for her film career spanning almost 60 years, passed away Tuesday. She starred along with Bogart for most of his films, and was married to him until he passed away in the late 50s.


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Robin Williams Remembered

The world is still reeling from the news that Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, has died at the age of 63. Though he struggled with depression through the years it would seem few were prepared for the news that the man that made so many of us laugh and cry over the years is gone.



Try It Tuesday: Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creme Donuts

For today’s Try it Tuesday we went for something you’ve been hearing about, the new Dunkin Donuts “coffee filled” donut!


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Cute Video: A Tiny Katy Perry Fan

If you have 40 seconds to spare, I guarantee this will make your day.




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