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A lifelong WRCH fan, Leia began as a part time DJ at Lite and quickly found her place as the producer of the WRCH Morning Show.  Whether it’s sharing videos and recipes, chiming in during the Morning Show or filling in for Dean Richards on pillow Talk, it’s easy to hear Leia’s passion for radio as well as her connection with our listeners.

Leia grew up in New Britain, a graduate of New Britain High School and one of five children.  She speaks Polish and loves talking to our listeners and meeting them during appearances.  Leia’s favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and her love for older songs can make it sometimes hard to believe she was born in 1983!  Either way, she’s proven herself over the years to be an invaluable member of the WRCH family.

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Joe Furey’s Weather

You guessed it, more cold ahead. But there is a little more to your forecast today, with some storms headed in our direction for the beginning of next week. Joe Furey has all the details […]

WRCH–13 hours ago

Credit: TORU YAMANAKA / Staff (Getty Images)

Funny Video: Little Girl Is VERY Serious About Her Singing

Kids really do say the darndest things, this little one is caught on camera doing a performance of her favorite songs from Frozen for her parents. When they start to giggle, she lays down the law, and its absolutely fantastic.


Photo Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

New Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

Great weeknight meal since you can prep this ahead and leave it covered in the fridge overnight if you really dont have the prep time handy during the day.


(Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Universal Music)

This Weekend At The Box Office

Its been cold out there, why not warm up with a good movie?


(Photo Illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Funny Video: Putting Chinese Food To The Test

Yes that’s right, this video puts American style Chinese food to the ULTIMATE test. They do that by having actual Chinese people who are familiar with authentic cuisine try food from a place we’re all […]


Credit: Dirk Richter/Gettyimages

Crock Pot Recipe: Unstuffed Cabbage Soup

Stuffed cabbage, a traditional Polish dish that most people are familiar with. I found a shortcut I think you’re going to be pleased with. Its simple, minimal prep work, and you can leave it in the crock pot all day!


Photo by Leia

Creative Dinner Idea: Meatloaf Cake!

This idea is perfect if you’re trying to sneak veggies into the kids dinner, or just put a fun spin on an otherwise ordinary dish.


(Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Universal Music)

This Weekend At The Box Office

Three new movies coming out this weekend which gives us plenty to choose from!


Credit Christopher Polk

Superbowl Halftime Show Photo Album

Plenty to see during last night’s big game, but almost everyone was excited to see what they had planned for the big halftime show. They weren’t disappointed! From Katy Perry to Missy Elliot to Lenny […]


Credit: Max Oppenheim

Funny Video: Trying Exotic Asian Foods

So Buzzfeed has managed to make me giggle yet again with a food video.




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