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A lifelong WRCH fan, Leia began as a part time DJ at Lite and quickly found her place as the producer of the WRCH Morning Show.  Whether it’s sharing videos and recipes, chiming in during the Morning Show or filling in for Dean Richards on pillow Talk, it’s easy to hear Leia’s passion for radio as well as her connection with our listeners.

Leia grew up in New Britain, a graduate of New Britain High School and one of five children.  She speaks Polish and loves talking to our listeners and meeting them during appearances.  Leia’s favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and her love for older songs can make it sometimes hard to believe she was born in 1983!  Either way, she’s proven herself over the years to be an invaluable member of the WRCH family.

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This Weekend At The Box Office

With all the hustle and bustle of this holiday weekend, stepping out of it for a movie might be just the thing you need! Once the leftovers are packed up and everyone has settled down, […]

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Joe Furey’s Weather

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and everyone is wondering whats going to happen with the weather. Joe Furey can answer all those questions with your weekend forecast, listen right here!  


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American Music Awards Photo Gallery

Did you find it hard to stay awake long enough to catch the American Music Awards last night? Thinking you might be heading into work and feeling lost among the chatter at the water cooler […]


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Star Wars Trailer, Sort Of

Need a good laugh? I highly recommend checking this video out. If you’re a fan of Spaceballs or parody in general you’re sure to appreciate this video. Personally I’m a die hard Star Wars fan […]


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The Best Thing For Recipes

A few weeks ago I discovered a Facebook page that has completely changed the game for me with my cooking. The Tasty page features sped up videos (not too sped up to follow I promise)of […]


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This Weekend At The Box Office

Three new movies joining the ranks at the movie theaters this weekend. Perhaps the most talked about is the latest in the Hunger Games series. If you’ve read the books, or even just been keeping […]


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Adorable Video: Boy Has Something Important To Tell Daddy

I cant handle this video, I’m not sure there is much that can parallel this level of cute. I have been showing it to my friends and coworkers since I found it and I think […]


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New Recipe: Philly Cheese Meatloaf

Its definitely the PERFECT time of year for a meatloaf. Chilly in the evening, busy days preparing for upcoming holidays. Perhaps most important, who doesn’t love a good meatloaf? As you know I don’t do […]


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This Weekend At The Box Office

Its a big week for drama with The 33 coming out today. The story of the miners trapped during a job and their dramatic rescue. If laughter is more your speed this weekend you’ll definitely […]


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Try It Tuesday: Peppermint Seltzer Water

It’s that time of year again. Time for the holiday themed items to start coming around. Candy cane this and pumpkin spice that. Well Stop N Shop has climbed aboard the bandwagon with its new […]



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