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A lifelong WRCH fan, Leia began as a part time DJ at Lite and quickly found her place as the producer of the WRCH Morning Show.  Whether it’s sharing videos and recipes, chiming in during the Morning Show or filling in for Dean Richards on pillow Talk, it’s easy to hear Leia’s passion for radio as well as her connection with our listeners.

Leia grew up in New Britain, a graduate of New Britain High School and one of five children.  She speaks Polish and loves talking to our listeners and meeting them during appearances.  Leia’s favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and her love for older songs can make it sometimes hard to believe she was born in 1983!  Either way, she’s proven herself over the years to be an invaluable member of the WRCH family.

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Amazing Video: 102 Year Old Dancer Sees Herself On Film For The First Time

Its hard to imagine doing ANYTHING for the first time at 102, but thats just what happened for Alice Barker recently. An accomplished dancer in the 1930s, she was under the impression that all the […]


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This Weekend At The Box Office

Two new ones for you this week, and with all of the other great movies still out, there really is something for everyone. Harrison Ford and Blake Lively star in Age of Adaline, and if […]


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Joe Furey’s Weather

Still pretty cold out there to start today, but the sun will come out and things should start to warm up soon. Joe Furey’s full forecast is available now, listen here!  


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My Top 5: Disney Rides!

It’s no secret that Disney World is my very favorite place on earth. I hope to one day retire there (oh yes I’m quite serious) and of course like anyone who’s been there I do have a few rides that are very near and dear to me.


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Crock Pot Recipe: Honey Siracha Ham

Got a chunk of ham leftover? Maybe just sitting around in the fridge or freezer waiting for you to figure out what to do with it? Well I found a pretty amazing recipe that doesn’t take much effort at all.


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This Weekend At The Box Office

There’s a whole lot happening in theaters this weekend. A little comedy, a little scary, even something for the whole family!  Disney’s latest documentary Monkey Kingdom has arrived and looks to be a lot of […]


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My Top Five: Live Shows

I have to admit I’m a bit of a concert addict. I can’t turn down a live show, and I’ve seen an interesting mix of artists in the past 10 years. From New Kids on the Block, to Garth Brooks, Fleetwood Mac, and so many more.


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Weeknight Casserole Recipe: Swiss Noodle Bake

This recipe right here is quite honestly one of my very favorite recipes EVER. My mother used to make this when I was little and we had the hardest time finding the recipe when it got lost. Well, its been found!


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This Weekend At The Box Office

Plenty to choose from for movies that are already out in theaters. If you’re looking for something new then you might want to check out the new movie The Longest Ride, based on the Nicholas […]


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My Top 5: Movies From My Childhood

I remember watching SO many movies as a kid, and although I was the oldest, I still like to think I had a pretty good handle on what was cool back then. Okay, maybe not THAT cool! Check out my top 5 favorite movies from my childhood!