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A lifelong WRCH fan, Leia began as a part time DJ at Lite and quickly found her place as the producer of the WRCH Morning Show.  Whether it’s sharing videos and recipes, chiming in during the Morning Show or filling in for Dean Richards on pillow Talk, it’s easy to hear Leia’s passion for radio as well as her connection with our listeners.

Leia grew up in New Britain, a graduate of New Britain High School and one of five children.  She speaks Polish and loves talking to our listeners and meeting them during appearances.  Leia’s favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and her love for older songs can make it sometimes hard to believe she was born in 1983!  Either way, she’s proven herself over the years to be an invaluable member of the WRCH family.

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Easy Delicious Recipe: General Tso Tofu!

Ok try to get past the fact that you just read the word “tofu”, I know it can be a little off-putting at first glance. Lets face it, it doesn’t LOOK very appetizing. This recipe […]

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This Weekend At The Box Office

Plenty to choose from this weekend, why not take a break from the holiday errands and sit down for a movie?


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Joe Furey’s Weather

We’ve really dodged some big storms so far this year, and there is another one headed in our general direction by next week! If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas you might not be too […]


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Cute Video: Dog Sings His Heart Out

Doggie howls are always funny, and usually pretty cute too. Some dogs just cant help themselves when the spirit moves them to sing a song, and this particular dog has NO problem joining his daddies […]


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Weeknight Crock Pot Recipe: Chicken Ranch Tacos

Taco night is often a family favorite, well at least it is in MY family! This recipe is super easy to prepare, and coming home to a house that smells like you’ve been cooking is […]


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This Weekend At The Box Office

Great weekend for movies with the highly anticipated Exodus: Gods and Kings finally reaching theaters. Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver lead a great cast in what looks to be an epic film, available in 3D […]


Credit: Chris Amaral

Perfectly Pugtastic Video! Its A Pug In The Tub!

Most dogs are reluctant when it comes to baths, but not this little guy!


Credit: Juanmonino

Great Recipe For A Cold Night: Crock Pot Chicken Chili

It’s that time of year, a time where the sun is down before most of us are even ready to head home. It’s cold outside and there’s nothing like coming home to the smell of a warm crock pot, just waiting for you to dive into it!


Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

New Video: A Capella Group Covers Holiday Favorite

Pentatonix is one of the best known singing groups around right now. Each year they seem to get better and better and this year is no exception.


Credit: Nell Redmond

Holiday Recipe: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll

Just because Thanksgiving has come and gone, it doesn’t mean you should put the recipes away! After all, Christmas is just around the corner! Holiday baking is one of my favorite things to do, with family, with friends, its the best!




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