Joe Hann

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Joe hails from our neighboring state of New York, but his work at a radio station in the Caribbean better explains his warm and friendly style on the air. As WRCH Music Director, Joe is responsible for choosing the wonderful music you enjoy all day long. He’s also the one who keeps you company while you finish out the workday with relaxing music and interesting artist tidbits. Joe’s relaxing manner in the afternoon, teamed with the 5 O’clock extra, 30 minutes of continuous music, help you leave all the stress of the day behind as you head for home.

(photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The Shore Line Trolley Museum

Ride the Trolley and meet the super heroes, Sat. July 26th with “Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman” at The Shore Line Trolley Museum.


(photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

More Fun: On National S’Mores Day

More reasons to smile with your kids this summer. “Toast” some tasty treats for “National S’mores Day” August 10th.


(photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Children’s Fun Lists

Here’s some reason’s to smile this month, Mom and Dad. Enjoy “Best Friends Day” on August 15. Ice Pops made from the symbol of friendship: The Pineapple.


(photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Essex Circus Train, Choo-Choo

It’s the 4th year The Essex Steam Train turns into a circus train.


(photo by Joe Hann)

The Enders Gnome

See the gnome relaxing, with a tiny bird on his hand, on a sunny day at Enders Island.


(photo by Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

Colt’s 200th Birthday Party

Samuel Colt, founded Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company in Hartford. This Saturday, you can celebrate with so much to do.


(photo by Joe Hann)

The Birds Of Enders Island

I’ve never seen so many natural birds in one place in my life as I have on Enders Island, off of Mystic.


(photo by Joe Hann)

The Orange Moon: Enders Island

When the full moon is orange, it means it’s close to the earth. Saturday evening, July 12th it was orange.


(photo by Joe Hann)

Retreats at Ender’s Island

If you like to take a drive to Enders Island, you can park your vehicle and walk the 11 acre island, filled with flowers, trees and birds and ocean views.


(photo by Joe Hann)

Favorite Island of All Time: Enders Island

The most beautiful Island I have ever seen is Enders Island, Ct.