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Joe hails from our neighboring state of New York, but his work at a radio station in the Caribbean better explains his warm and friendly style on the air. As WRCH Music Director, Joe is responsible for choosing the wonderful music you enjoy all day long. He’s also the one who keeps you company while you finish out the workday with relaxing music and interesting artist tidbits. Joe’s relaxing manner in the afternoon, teamed with the 5 O’clock extra, 30 minutes of continuous music, help you leave all the stress of the day behind as you head for home.

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More School Year Ideas

Evan though school has started, there is plenty of time to build great things for students.

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Labor Day Flag

On September 1, 1939 World War II begins as Germany invades Poland. The United States entered the war right after December 7, 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.


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Snoopy Still After The Red Baron

You can go to New York States, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome right here in Connecticut.


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School Year Ideas

There are 25 Ideas for a great school year, that may translate to your child’s bedroom at home.


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Southington Drive-In The Lion King

One of the all time great Disney films, The Lion King, is on this Saturday August 30, plays at one of the best Drive-In Theaters for families, in Southington.


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Pirates Festival For Children

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire presents, an island of Pirates (ARrrrr), parrots, photos, food, costume contests, games, shopping and more.


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Music Of Woody Guthrie At Theater Works

If you need a dose of guitar and fiddle, check out, Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie.


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Fife And Drum,Irish Band At Simsbury Fly-In

There’s nothing like a Fife and Drum solo as a vintage bi-plane soars over head. The Colchester Continentals Fife and Drum Corps narrated demonstration and music by the Jolly Beggars Irish band and 700 or [...]


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The Stamps Roadshow Collection

If you’re a stamp collector, don’t miss the Antiques Roadshow of Stamps, today, Thursday through Sunday.


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Play Ball It’s Still Summer

The weather has been great. There’s still summer and even when school starts, when they get home, after homework, the children can still play out side.




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