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It only takes a few minutes of listening to know that Joan absolutely loves keeping you company during each day. You can almost see the smile on her face while she’s talking about the latest release from a favorite artist, discussing plans for the weekend, relating an e-mail she received from a listener, or giving away great prizes over the air, in person or here on!

Listen to the 3 Tunes @ Noon weekdays around lunchtime!

Click Here to email your song requests to Joan Dylan… she may play your requests on tomorrow’s show!

Save Big Bucks With This One Trick!

Here is a homemade Lara bar recipe that is nut free, chocolate free, gluten free and so cheap… it’s almost Free!


Substance Abuse Prevention: Recovery Is Possible

The Dept of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the town of Canton are shining a spotlight on mental wellness and a specific focus on the opioid and heroin addiction epidemic in CT, Thursday March 9th from 5:30pm to 8pm at Canton Community Center, 40 Dyer Avenue in Canton, CT.


A Modern Twist For Your St. Patrick’s Playlist

These are all really popular Irish bands and they bring a fresh modern twist to the St. Patrick’s Party playlists.


Spice it Up Like A Pro!

Simple Do It Yourself recipes for great blends like Mexican, Italian, Indian and more! Read more!


Amazing Prom Dresses and A Worthy Cause

I just watched a show on PBS where kids in the Midwest go to craaazy lengths to ask their potential date to the the Prom. There is so much to celebrate: great dresses, hair, that […]


Fresh Food Delivery’s For Kids School Lunches: TuckrBox

This meal delivery service is taking all of that in to account and serves fresh, organic, gluten free or vegetarian options if you want and they have an app that engages the child in picking their own food while learning that healthy foods can be fun and yummy like Meteor Meatballs!


Spring Cleaning With a Twist: $$$

Not up for the hassle of organizing and manning a garage sale all day? Host a virtual garage sale. Search Facebook with the terms “garage sale,” “yard sale” or “resale” along with the names of […]


Keepin’ It Big Easy With Shrimp Etouffee

It’s Fat TOOOOOZDEE! I will not be going out to get nuts tonight and fight for beads… so I thought how about bringing some of that Big Easy flavor to Connecticut with some Etouffee? When […]


2 Thrillers You and Your Bookclub Will Love

2 great reads by Meghan Miranda and Fiona Barton… read all about them!


Restaurant Of The Week You Pay 1/2!!

Want to have a great night out at half the price at The North House in Avon? Find out how!




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