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It only takes a few minutes of listening to know that Joan absolutely loves keeping you company during each day. You can almost see the smile on her face while she’s talking about the latest release from a favorite artist, discussing plans for the weekend, relating an e-mail she received from a listener, or giving away great prizes over the air, in person or here on!

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This 80’s Hit Was a ‘Golden Curse’ For Simple Minds

Every band has one… the song they’re best remembered by and that fans want to hear over and over again!

WRCH–17 hours ago

Photo Credit: JDP

Photo Of The Day: 40 Inch Striper

This Picture is of our very happy son Timmy. He caught this 40 inch Striper off of a Kayak!



Homemade Strawberry Piña Colada Popsicles

This photo makes me want to skip the day at the office and dive into some ice cream and a cool dip in the lake! But, it IS a workday and those calories are NOT easy to burn so…


Photo Credit: SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Coffee Body Scrub: Not Just A Trend

Frank Body Coffee Scrubs are really trending right now but I did some research and see that coffee has been used for decades as a tightening agent for loose skin as well as, really making your skin glow and wake up!



Moto Monday: Something Bigger is at Work Here

Today’s Moto Monday Quote above reminds me that I can make choices each day but I cannot control everything something much bigger and smarter is at work in the universe!


Photo credit: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

Top 2 Websites For Trading Clothes On Line

But my favorite new swapping site for clothes is a brand new site that is really easy.



Friendliest Dog Breed: Did Yours Make The List?

Which breeds ARE the at the top of the list when it comes to being friendly to most folks, and other animals, and tolerant of kids?


Photo Credit: Koan

Bottle Of Red, Bottle of White? Nope It’s Blue Wine !

How is it that I am  just finding  out about this bright  blue wine called Blue Nun, made by a company called Gik?  This lovely, shaded, wine comes from the northwest Spain and is made […]


Photo Credit: Pam Jan

Moto Monday: “Say Yes, Figure Out The Rest As You Go”!

“Today’s Moto Monday: Motivation to last the whole week” focuses on putting our fear aside, real or imagined, fear can dominate and control our lives.


Photo Credit: Joan Dylan

Classic New England Summer Favorite: Coffee Ice Cream

Here is a home made coffee flavor recipe from Yankee Magazine.



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