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It only takes a few minutes of listening to know that Joan absolutely loves keeping you company during each day. You can almost see the smile on her face while she’s talking about the latest release from a favorite artist, discussing plans for the weekend, relating an e-mail she received from a listener, or giving away great prizes over the air, in person or here on!

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Diet, De-Stress, Detox : The 3 D Program

I’m excited to announce that a friend of the radio station, Kevin W. Reese has released his new book today on healthy living which is available on Amazon.

WRCH–4 hours ago

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Go Bananas On One Ingredient Ice Cream

I cannot give up is ice cream in the summer time! But I can cut back on it and use this little recipe to get through the yen for ice cream.


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3 Foods That’ll Make Your Joints Feel Better Now!

I so hate to admit it: my knees hurt, my arms hurt… sometimes I just wanna stop taking the Advil but it seems that there are plenty of other things I can do, or eat… to make my joints feel better right away.


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Best Drink Options When Cutting Sugar

There are sugars in alcohol, but there is also good news here for those who like the occasional drink… Here’s the dirt on some of your favorite drinks.


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Tim and Faith’s Girl Can Sing!

With two country music superstars for parents, It’s no wonder that Audrey McGraw is a natural performer.


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Keith Urban’s Impossible Quiche

Well, look who’s cookin’! The recipe may say “impossible” but it’s easy and delish! In fact I got the recipe from


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The “Art Of The Selfie”

I am not great at the “selfies” but my daughter had me put her camo and cover on from her uniform and I just had to do it. Well, now I found an app that actually takes your selfie and makes it an art form!


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Right Time For Bathing Suit Shopping!

Now that Richard Simmons and I have your attention, We both want to scream, ” You can do this!” You want a great deal? Buy your bathing suit now.. in August.


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This Free App Trending Now!

The Makeup Genius app by L’Oreal Paris has been getting a lot of buzz. It’s not your standard makeup app, it’s a virtual tester that works great!


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3 Days To Burning More Fat…Honestly!

I stumbled upon this cool article from Dave From Paleohacks, and I really loved it and had to share! It’s a super simple 3-step metabolic primer from Shaun Hadsall that turns off your body’s “addiction” to burning sugars, while making your most stubborn fat your “go to” energy source in LESS that one week’s time!!!




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