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It only takes a few minutes of listening to know that Joan absolutely loves keeping you company during each day. You can almost see the smile on her face while she’s talking about the latest release from a favorite artist, discussing plans for the weekend, relating an e-mail she received from a listener, or giving away great prizes over the air, in person or here on!

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Flirtini: Perfect Holiday Weekend Cocktail

Developed for “Sex and the City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker by a bartender at Guastavino’s in NYC. This is a pink, fruity, bubbly drink that does not have a strong alcoholic taste. It is easy […]

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True Confessions: I’m A Picker!

I love all things retro! On occasion, much to my husband’s chagrin, I will scream,“stop!… pull the car  over, I see something on the side of the road back there I want!“ Well, Saturday,  I […]


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Trending: Reusable Nails!

My girlfriend Lizzie uses  Jamberry Nails and has a great time with them! A ton of my girlfriends like them. I haven’t done them yet only because I have such a tight schedule right now […]


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Your Wedding: Quit Stressing Over These 6 Things!

“Don’t stress about wedding planning—it all comes together!” You may have heard that advice from your married friends. Easier said than done, right? With my wedding experience as a DJ and a Justice of the […]


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Ladies Only Golf: Join Us!

Golf is social. It’s played in some of the most beautiful settings on earth. . The fashion is great, and cocktails and conversation await the end of every game.  So why aren’t you playing?  We […]


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Clothes Too Loose: Not Good For Weight Loss

Today on the morning show with Allan Mike and Mary, they were discussing the list of clothes you shouldn’t wear to work…well on the list was yoga pants. In that same vein I found an […]



Summer Book Pick Will Keep You Hooked In!

I am in a book club and I have already finished the books we picked for the last two months! So I started looking at reviews on Kindle and looking at the Best Sellers list […]


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Cauliflower Salad!!!

I love potato salad…but I hate all those carbs…so I made a low carb potato salad / with cauliflower instead …. It was SOOOO good and will be on my list of Summer dishes for […]


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Tea Time Is Beauty Time

Switch your daily coffee for tea! That was what the good folks on the Dr. Oz show were touting. Now, Oz never said coffee was bad for you, just that adding more tea per day, […]


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Free Outdoor Yoga: 4 Parks, 100 Classes, No $$

Enjoy the great outdoors as you relax and recharge!  May 10—October 1 Right in Downtown Hartford from the Bushnell to Elizabeth park and more. Its time to dig out the yoga mat and your work […]