Dr. Elaine Ducharme

Dr. Ducharme’s Blog April 24, 2017 Bipolar Disorder

  As most of you know, I like to use this blog to help educate people about mental illness. Many people use the term bipolar to lightly describe friends or colleagues that seem to have […]


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog April 17th, 2017 Renewal of Life…a Challenge for Health

We made it! The last remnants of snow are gone from my driveway. My husband commented that I definitely seemed happier/more relaxed now that the weather has changed. He has known me for over 50 […]

96.5 TIC–04/17/2017

Dr. Ducharme’s Blog April 10, 2017 Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

Dr. Ducharme discusses the reasons marriages fail and makes a few suggestions for maintaining a healthy relationship.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Finances and Your Relationship

Since 2007, the American Psychological Association has commissioned an annual nationwide survey as part of its Mind/Body Health campaign to examine the state of stress across the country and understand its impact. The Stress in […]


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog March 20, 2017 Tax Day Stress

  With the looming IRS tax deadline on April 18, it’s not uncommon for Americans to experience financial stress. How people handle that stress can have an impact on overall health Stress related to tax deadlines […]


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog March 13, 2017 Tips to Improve Children’s Eating Habits

Here are some tips to help you guide your children in developing life-long healthy eating behaviors.


Psychologist Dr Elaine Ducharme: Kids & Technology

If you missed Free Thursday with Dr. Elaine Ducharme with Allan Mike & Mary, you have a chance to catch up with the podcast!


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Staying Sane While Raising Teens February 27, 2017

As hard as this is for all of you, it is critical for kids to break away from their parents, to separate and individuate and become an independent healthy adult. So, how can parents survive these tumultuous times?


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Our Aging Brains February 20, 2017

I know I am not alone when I tell you that sometimes I find myself standing in the basement trying to recall what I came done there to get. Other times I have gone to get something in a room, done several other things and forgotten to retrieve whatever it was I had planned on getting. Most people over 40 will tell you of similar experiences.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog February 13, 2016 Keys To a Lasting Relationship

Falling in love is exciting. Staying in love can be more of a challenge.




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