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Psychologist Dr Elaine Ducharme: The Effects of Divorce on Kids

If you missed Free Thursday with Dr. Elaine Ducharme with Allan Mike & Mary, you have a chance to catch up with the podcast!


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Independence Day…The importance of freedom July 4, 2017

My hope was that things would settle down, people would unite and move forward together this year. Unfortunately, political battles rage on and there remains a lack of cooperation both at the local and national levels.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 26 2017 June is National Safety Awareness Month

We have some fascinating national observances in this country. June observes special days for many things including: Scoliosis Awareness, Migraine Awareness, LGBT Pride month, Iced Tea and Papaya month and even Turkey lover month. One […]


Psychologist Dr Elaine Ducharme: Kids and Summer Stress

If you missed Free Therapy Thursday with Dr. Elaine Ducharme with Allan Mike & Mary, you have a chance to catch up with the podcast! Listen below:


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 12, 2017 Social Media Warning for College Bound Kids

I know many of you have heard me talking about the dangers of social media for our younger children. We see kids bullying each other, sending inappropriate pictures to each other and getting onto inappropriate websites.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 29, 2017 Interesting Studies… Just Sharing

Short summaries of interesting studies… get Dr. Ducharme’s thoughts on them!


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Gratitude as a Choice May 22, 2017

I am blessed. I clearly have a choice about how I view my birthday and (hopefully) the many more to come.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 15, 2017 Listening

I just spent a day at a Retreat with a group of my colleagues, all collaborative divorce professionals, focusing on how we listen. When people go through a divorce, it is critical that they feel […]


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 1, 2017 Recognizing  Emotional Distress in Our Children

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and the Connecticut Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association offer tips to help parents and caregivers recognize the signs of mental illness and emotional distress in their children.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog April 24, 2017 Bipolar Disorder

  As most of you know, I like to use this blog to help educate people about mental illness. Many people use the term bipolar to lightly describe friends or colleagues that seem to have […]




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