Dr. Elaine Ducharme


Dr. Elaine Ducharme – High School Reunions

My husband Denny had his 50th Reunion for Pittsfield High School.  He created a video for his classmates but anyone who has graduated and moved away from High School can relate to this trip down […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 22, 2015 The Changing Roles of Dad’s

The American Psychological Association notes that two to three centuries ago, fathers’ roles were primarily to serve as breadwinners and the conveyers of moral values and religious education to their children. However, with the advent […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 15, 2015 Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

As we enter the spring and summer wedding season, brides-to-be will be busy planning every detail. Venue, Flower arrangements, honeymoon options and even the guest list become high priorities for everyone. Happy couples rarely think […]



Psychologist Dr. Elaine Ducharme: Podcast on Transgender News

Dr Elaine Ducharme’s “Therapy Thursday” June visit with Allan Mike and Mary was the challenging topic that it very prevalent in today’s news: Transgender.


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Transgender Resources – Dr. Elaine Ducharme

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Elaine Ducharme is Allan, Mike & Mary’s guest with a challenging topic that it very prevalent in today’s news: Transgender.  To aid parents, kids and families, here are some links for important […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 1, 2015 If Not Now…Then When?

Life is full of surprises. Some are good. And some, well, some are gut wrenching. And we never know what tomorrow will bring. We make plans with the hope that we will do all kinds […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 25, 2015 Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday, which is observed every year on the last Monday of […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 18, 2015 Bipolar Disorder

As we continue to honor the month of May as National Mental Health Awareness month this week’s blog is about bipolar disorders. Many people use the term bipolar to lightly describe friends or colleagues that […]



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 4, 2015 Getting Kids to Open Up

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month . I will be devoting my blogs to increasing awareness of mental health issues. Today I want to focus on getting kids to talk to their parents. Open communication is key in recognizing signs of developing emotional issues.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog April 27, 2015 Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep is really important for us. Did you know that insufficient sleep has been linked to car crashes, poor work performance, and problems with mood and relationships? Sleep deprivation also raises the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression and stroke.