Dr. Elaine Ducharme

Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 18, 2017 Managing Chronic Pain

According to the Institute of Medicine at least 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, Pain actually serves an important purpose. It alerts us to injuries such as a sprained ankle […]


Dr. Elaine Ducharme: September is Suicide Prevention Month

Hear Dr Ducharmes conversation with Mary and Allan and get links on who to call or text if considering suicide.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 4, 2017 United We Stand Divided We Fall

The first attributed use of this phrase in modern times is to Founding Father John Dickinson in his pre-Revolutionary War song “The Liberty Song”, first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. In the […]


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog August 28th, 2017 Step-Parenting

With time and an enormous amount of effort and teamwork, step parenting can be an exciting, loving and very rewarding experience. While volumes can and have been be written on this subject, some basic guidelines may be helpful.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog August 21, 2017 Dyslexia

One in five children in America alone have a reading disability. This disability is called dyslexia. We now understand that it occurs on a continuum, which means that not everyone who has dyslexia is exactly alike.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog August 14, 2017 Older Adults and Health Related Changes Reality vs Myth

As we try to understand what this change in demographics will mean for our society, the American Psychological Association has provided information about normal aging and a look at fact vs fiction. Here are a few to consider.


Psychologist Dr Elaine Ducharme: The Back To School Transition

Psychologist Dr. Ducharme joined us for Free Therapy Thursday to discuss, Back to School Transitions. What to do Now to make the return to school less of a shock to your system and your child’s.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Helping Kids Manage Their Emotions July 31, 2017

There are a number of things that assist kids in developing their emotional IQ. Here’s some highlights…


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 24, 2017 The Red Cross and Fire Safety

Be prepared and be safe!


Dr. Elaine Ducharme Blog July 17th – Parenting Guide

In today’s digital age, it seems harder to know what to do and how to keep our kids safe, without keeping them in a bubble. Many years ago, I wrote a pamphlet on tips for successful parenting. I think they still are pretty basic but helpful tips.



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