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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 29, 2014 Good-bye Bailey

Recently we had to say good-bye to our adored poodle, Bailey. Our kids teased us that he was our most spoiled child. They were probably correct.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 15, 2014 Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence

Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked his fiancee unconscious in an elevator outfitted with a camera. Most people reacted with outrage to what they saw. But I have heard some say…”well, she hit him first. She deserved it.” So let’s look at some facts of abuse.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 8th, 2014

It was our monthly, Free Therapy Thursday with Dr. Elaine Ducharme. The topic this week – The importance of open communication with your kids. Dr. Ducharme offers ten important tips and a frank discussion of open, honest talks with your children.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog August 25, 2014 Encouraging Creativity & Problem Solving… Letting Kids Be Kids

I have always loved kids. I love their honesty, their joy over the little things in life and their creativity. We have to be careful not to mess that up. We have to encourage them to be who they are and not just small adults.



Dr. Elaine Ducharme’s Blog August 18th Understanding Suicide

The world is reeling in shock from the death of Robin Williams, age 63. He was such an amazing man…an icon. His popularity spanned generations. He had it all…talent, fame, money , a family and friends. Yes, he had it all; depression, addictions and Parkinson’s Disease.



Dr. Elaine Ducharme August 11, 2014 Back to School Stress

With Back to School fast approaching, Dr Ducharme visited Allan Mike & Mary last Thursday and spoke about how Back to School stress affects children and parents. She had some helpful suggestions to share.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog August 4, 2014 When Being Shy Hurts

Shyness is very common. Most children experience some stranger anxiety around 8 months of age. Shyness and social anxiety can prevent children and adults from fully participating in activities and enjoying life.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 28, 2014 The Chipmunk vs Tomato… War?

OK. My skills at coping with frustration are being tested this summer. I am not a gardener. But, I have been fortunate that for the last few summers I have been able to grow patio tomatoes. They were fabulous. Last summer, my husband and I must have had 50 tomatoes on one plant alone.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 21, 2014 Crisis: Caring for Kids with Mental Illness

We all say our kids are precious. We spend so much time trying to meet their needs…maybe even too much time. We devote our afternoons, evenings and week-ends to their soccer and dance lessons. We want them to be happy.



Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 14, 2014 Work Stress

In today’s 24/7 society, work frequently intrudes into employee’s personal lives during evenings, weekends, vacations and holidays.




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