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Dean has been bringing friends and lovers together since 1994 when he first turned on the mic at 8 o’clock to introduce Pillowtalk. Hearing his calming voice just naturally helps you to relax as thoughts of friendship and romance slip into your mind. And Dean makes the mood just right with his selection of soft, romantic love songs. Listeners know that Dean truly enjoys talking with them and delivering their love messages through words and music. He’s been a matchmaker on the show more than once and has even presided over several on-air wedding proposals. Dean feels that we can all use a little more romance in our lives, so call him tonight and let him help you connect with the one you love- on Pillowtalk.

Love Song Request From Gate A7

You’ll never guess where they were calling from?


“I Think We Should Go To Dinner”

It’s the second time around for Lee and Bob from Rockfall. Bob owned a music store. One day Lee had to pick up some drumsticks for her brother. That was the first time Lee met […]


Granddaughter Destined For College

It’s time to head back to school. Some are walking through new doors for the first time and broadening their horizons and their world view. Congratulations to Destiny of Manchester. She is heading off to […]


“I Love My Wife Susan More And More Every Day”

Congratulations to Mark and Susan who celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on August 24th. They grew up in the same neighborhood just around the corner from each other in West Springfield, MA. They knew of […]


“She’s The Only One Who Truly Gets My Weirdness”

These Newington High School Classmates (2015) are now best friends.


“I’m Going To Marry You Someday”

Kim from Kent, CT has an older brother. Her oldest brother’s best friend growing up when they were young was Jim. Jim, being a best friend was around her family a lot. From a very […]


Thinking Of Getting Back On Your Bicycle?

It’s something most of us learn to do when we are young. After we get our drivers license we may put our bikes aside or up on the garage wall for a while. Have you […]


Friday Smorgasbord Of Great PillowTalk Dedications

Here’s a sampling of dedications from Plainville, Wallingford,, Wethersfield and West Hartford


PillowTalk Connects New Hampshire, Ohio & South Dakota

James and Julie are miles apart but a lot closer thanks to PillowTalk.


Tom & Debbie’s House Of Love

Share your love story tonight after 8pm on PillowTalk. Call Dean Richards when he opens the love lines.




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