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Dean has been bringing friends and lovers together since 1994 when he first turned on the mic at 8 o’clock to introduce Pillowtalk. Hearing his calming voice just naturally helps you to relax as thoughts of friendship and romance slip into your mind. And Dean makes the mood just right with his selection of soft, romantic love songs. Listeners know that Dean truly enjoys talking with them and delivering their love messages through words and music. He’s been a matchmaker on the show more than once and has even presided over several on-air wedding proposals. Dean feels that we can all use a little more romance in our lives, so call him tonight and let him help you connect with the one you love- on Pillowtalk.


Open Hearts Show Appreciation And Give Recognition

I can imagine that it is not unlike what a lot of women unselfishly do to make sure everyone else is taken care of even when others should be taking care of them.

WRCH–8 hours ago


Now These Are Loyal Listeners

It’s still Lite 100.5 WRCH in Connecticut. They listen pretty much every day.


A couple (C) kisses during the fireworks for the new year on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro on January 1, 2015.      AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOPHE SIMON        (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images)

Old Lyme Couple Celebrates 53 Keeping Each Other Young

I must have said something to someone because someone heard my voice and recognized it.



New Relationships Came To Lite Last Night

Lots of new relationships came to light last night on Pillow Talk. Diane and Rene (REE-knee) from Vernon met at a Cumberland Farms. He bought her a coffee and they started a conversation. Eight months […]



Nine Years For Next Door Neighbors To Find A Love Of A Lifetime

We were friends in our teens. She hated me in high school.



An Instant Gaze That Lasted A Lifetime

Once they started dating it was only 3 months until Austin and Betty were engaged.



The Miracle Was The Message

It was a song that the listener and her dad danced to at her wedding many years ago. Obviously, a very meaningful song at a memorable and pivotal time in their lives.



Working Better Than Ever 25 Years Later

During the big winter snowstorms, he would always clean off her car at the end of the day so that she wouldn’t have to.



The Song Always Reminds Her

Antoinette came back to Waterbury when she was 18, having moved to Italy at age 5. Jodi and Antoinette met when they were 18 and would become room mates for about 7 years. Through their […]



Hello Houston We Have A Great Grandson… Almost

Congratulations in advance!



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