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Dean has been bringing friends and lovers together since 1994 when he first turned on the mic at 8 o’clock to introduce Pillowtalk. Hearing his calming voice just naturally helps you to relax as thoughts of friendship and romance slip into your mind. And Dean makes the mood just right with his selection of soft, romantic love songs. Listeners know that Dean truly enjoys talking with them and delivering their love messages through words and music. He’s been a matchmaker on the show more than once and has even presided over several on-air wedding proposals. Dean feels that we can all use a little more romance in our lives, so call him tonight and let him help you connect with the one you love- on Pillowtalk.

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An Emotional Yolanda Heads To Florida To Make A New Start

A very emotional Yolanda from New Britain called me tonight on the PillowTalk love lines. Yolanda is leaving Connecticut and moving to Florida. Something she feels she must do. She is saying goodbye to her family and friends.


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When Dale Saw Darryl Her Heart Jumped… Billy Was History

Dale and Darryl from Windsor Locks have been married for 42 years. Their song has always been In The Still Of The Night.


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A PillowTalk Dedication The Shortest Distance Between Daisy And Patrick

They are apart right now. Patrick is in Iowa. Work has taken Daisy away to Massachusetts.


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Congratulations To Benjamin and Jacqueline Of Wethersfield

Benjamin and Jacqueline of Wethersfield are finally married. They got married in July after being together for 8 years.


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Long Distance Dedications Stretch PillowTalk Boundries

From Ohio State University to London England, friends and lovers were tuned in and turned on to PillowTalk on Lite 100.5 WRCH.


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Outdoor Day On The Farm Inspires PillowTalk Dedication

Great call tonight on the PillowTalk love lines. Marion from New York called me all excited wanting to share her joy of a great day.


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Jessica’s PillowTalk Love Message To John

They met while attending Eastern Connecticut State University. Jessica and John were on a class trip. The class trip they were on is about as romantic as you can get…a trip to London and Paris. [...]


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Rich and Marcia Take The Next Step After A Few Months

Congratulations to Rich and Marcia of Waterbury. They got engaged 3 nights ago.


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Hear Penny’s Thoughtful Dedication For Her Father

PillowTalk is your calm in the middle of the storm. When life throws you a curve. PillowTalk gets you through the rough patches. The love lines were there tonight for Penny in Bristol. Penny’s father, Bob is going in for surgery and on the night before, Penny wanted to express her love for her father and offer him support at an anxious time.


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Love Was In The Air From Maine To Quebec

Fee from New Haven and Milly Grace met on a ship sailing from Maine to Quebec City. There was dancing. There was also this other guy named Floyd. As it turned out, as Fee told me on the PillowTalk love lines, “I guess I had the better moves”.




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