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Dean has been bringing friends and lovers together since 1994 when he first turned on the mic at 8 o’clock to introduce Pillowtalk. Hearing his calming voice just naturally helps you to relax as thoughts of friendship and romance slip into your mind. And Dean makes the mood just right with his selection of soft, romantic love songs. Listeners know that Dean truly enjoys talking with them and delivering their love messages through words and music. He’s been a matchmaker on the show more than once and has even presided over several on-air wedding proposals. Dean feels that we can all use a little more romance in our lives, so call him tonight and let him help you connect with the one you love- on Pillowtalk.

Keeping Friends And Lovers Close

A quick but effective dedication from the heart from Vinny from Southbury in the car to Michelle in Middlebury. “Love you babe” was his love message. The song he requested is by Christopher Cross. A concert version of a beautiful song.

WRCH–21 hours ago

Dinner Music For Long Distance Listeners

What a pleasant surprise to hear from Nan in Houston, TX. Nan and her husband Todd listen to Lite 100.5 WRCH all the time. Tonight they had us on as dinner was about to be […]


PillowTalk Love Song Video Of The Day

Sometimes the evolution of a PillowTalk dedication can get interesting.


Tips For A Sun Safe Summer From Dawn Holman of the CDC

Dean Richards recently spoke with Dawn Holman MPH. Dawn is a behavioral scientist with The Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, GA. She has dedicated a great deal of her career to focusing on skin cancer prevention over the lifespan.


Love Transcending Past, Present & Future

David and Elizabeth have plans to marry a year from now in May of 2018. They met working at the same campground at Disney in 2008. Here’s Elizabeth’s love message to David.


PillowTalk Love Song Videos Of The Day

Thanks for all the requests and dedications to the PillowTalk love lines that provided the impetus for these songs and videos.


Father And Daughter Reunited On Mother’s Day

” May it be the beginning of a life of love, respect and happiness.”


Flurry Of Great Last Minute Friday Night PillowTalk Dedications

Lot’s of great dedications in the closing minutes of PillowTalk on Friday night. Jason in West Hartford reached out to Cassidy in Thomaston to tell her how much he loves her with a song by […]


High School Sweethearts Reunited After 30 Years

Listen as Domingos talks about Natalina, his first love, how they reunited and rekindled their relationship.


One Of Golf’s Best Teachers Dr. Jerry Elwell Talks With Dean Richards

A great teacher can be the difference between giving up at something vs.continuing on to find a clear path to the joys that the game of golf offers.



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