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Dean has been bringing friends and lovers together since 1994 when he first turned on the mic at 8 o’clock to introduce Pillowtalk. Hearing his calming voice just naturally helps you to relax as thoughts of friendship and romance slip into your mind. And Dean makes the mood just right with his selection of soft, romantic love songs. Listeners know that Dean truly enjoys talking with them and delivering their love messages through words and music. He’s been a matchmaker on the show more than once and has even presided over several on-air wedding proposals. Dean feels that we can all use a little more romance in our lives, so call him tonight and let him help you connect with the one you love- on Pillowtalk.

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Friday Night PillowTalk Video Sampler

So many great dedications on the very busy PillowTalk love lines on Friday night. Here are someone of the highlights: A very polite young lady by the name of Tessa from Winsted called to dedicate [...]


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She Met The Love Of Her Life Across A Crowded Room

They met at a retirement party in New York City. Not theirs, someone else’s.


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PillowTalk Keeps Romance Alive When Life And Work Get In The Way

PillowTalk dedications play a key role in helping keep long distance relationships like this one together and staying connected.


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Paul From West Hartford Inspires Sister With Back To School PillowTalk Dedication

It’s back to school time. That means a fresh start. A clean slate. A new season. Get lost in the infinite wonder of everything and the grades and the achievement will take care of themselves. Your heart will flow and gravitate to what interests you the most.


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Susan From Enfield Celebrates Her Birthday With A PillowTalk Request

Susan celebrated her birthday on Monday as she always does. Every year, even though it is a little early in the season and they aren’t always readily available, Susan loves to purchase a pumpkin on her birthday.


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Time And Space Will Never Separate Lynn And Steve

Lynn from West Hartford and Steve from Hartford were boyfriend and girlfriend for only 5 years. It seemed though like they had been together forever. Lynn told me on the PillowTalk love lines that their [...]


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Romance By The Campfire In Litchfield County On Thursday Night PillowTalk

One great thing about radio is that it’s portable. You can take it with you anywhere. One great thing about summer is that sometimes it’s warm enough to stay outside late into the night or even camp out over night.


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A PillowTalk Dedication Brings Back Manilow Memories Made In Vegas

Congratulations to Leslie and Richard of Terryville. It will be 23 years married for them this October.


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Kevin And Kelly Stir Up Chemistry With Complimentary PillowTalk Dedications

Love makes the world go round and sometimes the PillowTalk love messages go round and round too. It’s especially nice when I send out a dedication, that dedication is heard and the person who heard it returns the favor by sending out one of their own.


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Terry From Wethersfield Dedicates A Song With Thanks And Appreciation

It’s been a long road back for Terry from Wethersfield who is on the mend from an accident.




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