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Weekday mornings Allan’s broadcasting career began in his home state of Vermont and continued on the Cape and Providence before settling in at WRCH as Program Director and host of the Morning Show. The father of two UCONN Grads, Allan’s goal was to create a friendly morning show that listeners would turn to for the information they need as their day begins, catch a few of their favorite songs, and get a laugh-hopefully several. Some of those laughs may come at his expense, especially when he’s relating one of his latest attempts at performing a home improvement project. With Allan’s friendly, relaxed attitude, it’s easy to understand why so many families in Central Connecticut set their alarms to Lite 100.5. Allan is a Photography buff. See some of his Flickr photos at If you have discovered Pinterest, here is his site.ΒΒ  Unstagram.Β Soundcloud:

Song Secret: He Finally Got A Number One Hit In England

Record Company Execs Son Said He Diddn’t Have Another Hit In Him! Here is the story..Listen.


P!nk: WRCH Artist of the Week

P!Nk’s Seventh Studio Album “Beautiful Trama set for release October 13th. Listen to the first single here.

P!Nk’s 7th Studio Album “Beautiful Trama” will release October 13th. Hear the first single here.

P!Nk’s Seventh Studio Album “Beautiful Trama” is set to release Octovber 18th, Listen to the first single Here


Wanted A Voice To Hit The High Notes In His Movie Theme Song

Tell you who that singer was and the song, here on the Wednesday Song Secret.


Rihanna: WRCH Artist Of The Week

Reviewers saying her new song is something to Chill and listen to.


KYGO, Selena Gomez Artist Of The Week

Norwegian DJ KYGO and a more mature sounding Selena Gomez have entered the Mediabase top 30


Song Secret: How To Have A Number One Song And Not Make Any Money

Richard Ashcroft wrote a song and borrowed a couple riffs from a Rolling Stones.


Ed Sheeran Featured Artist

The Hollywood Reporter, The new song “is a reflection on the importance of friendship and growing up in a small, countryside town”.


Song Secret: Julian Lennon’s First Album Geography

The Album had something in common with one of his Father’s Albums. Tell you about it here.


Chainsmokers and Coldplay Featured Artists

Alex Pall and Drew Taggert, TheChainsmokers, teamed up with Chris Martin and Coldplay for this one.


Song Secret: It Was Originally Called Desert Song

It was written when he was 19 years old. Hear the whole story here.



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