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(Photo Credit: Our Companions)

Our Companions September Pets

Susan Linker from Our Companions popped in with 2 beautiful pets looking for forever homes. They also have a great event coming up.


Photo Our Companions

Oprah: Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Oprah is a very sweet 4 year old kitty who loves to cuddle — and like her namesake, she is outgoing and likes to talk!


Photo: Our Companions

Boots: Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Boots – This affectionate boy just loves to eat and play!


Photo:Our Companions

Aggie: Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Affectionate, alert, very loving, spirited, a fan of walks and runs – definitely a fan of squeaky toys and car rides! She even has learned how to play ball by herself, throwing the ball up and chasing it as it rolls away!!



Samantha: Our Companions Pet Of The Week

This pretty diva cat is approximately two years old and an orange and white female. Samantha is smart, sensitive and extremely affectionate…if you are looking for a constant companion, she is the girl for you!



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