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Meilie: Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Meilie – Meilie means love in Lithuanian. And what an appropriate name for this beauty! Meilie is loving, outgoing and so adorable when she plops right over for a belly rub.


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Our Companions July Pets

Susan Linker popped in to say hi to Allan, Mike & Mary and brought 3 special pets that have waited far too long to find forever homes.


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Pet Of The Week: Cleo Is Up For Adoption

Cleo is a stunning and absolutely lovely 3 year old female Treeing Walker Coonhound with lots of energy!


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Quick Laugh – Dogs In Shoes

If you’ve never seen a dog wearing shoes you’re probably wondering whats so funny about this. Well, there are certain occasions that do call for a dog to wear shoes, surely you’ve seen them in the pet store.


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Timmy: The Our Companions Pet Of The Week

Meet Timmy enjoying a few of his favorite activities…Aside from his favorite activities like food sampling, bird watching, sunbathing and spending time with his catnip fish friend, Timmy also loves company!