‘Glamour’ Hires All Women For Photoshop-Free Issue

Lena Dunham of the popular HBO series “Girls” is front and center on the cover of Glamour Magazine’s February Issue. Dunahm is flashing a smile and proudly showing off her legs, cellulite and all.  Her quote perfectly sums up why she felt so drawn to doing this all female, no photo-shopped issue,Whether you agree with my politics, like my show or connect to what I do, it doesn’t matter — my body isn’t fair game. No one’s is, no matter their size, color, gender identity, and there’s a place for us all in popular culture to be recognized as beautiful.”  I am not always a huge fan of Dunham’s, I  mean, I see a  smart and bold woman and appreciate that.. but sometimes she does things with vinegar and dumps out the honey all together!  In this case, I really got it; She is tired of  the general population going along with internet trolls and body shaming. Check out the whole article and share with the women in your life.

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