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Who Men and Women Go To For Relationship Advice

A new survey from the HuffPost found that men and women get their relationship advice differently.  Men are MUCH more likely to go to a close friend when they need help. Women use their friends also, but not as much as men. And they’re more likely than men not to go to anyone for advice.

According to the study, 5% of grown men say the first person they turn to for relationship advice is… get this… their MOTHER. (I know this is true with me) That number may sound low until you put it into perspective . . . about one in 20 men still think their mom is their best dating expert. The survey also found that men and women tend to go to VERY different sources when they’re looking for relationship advice.

Men go to a close friend 80% of the time . . . their mom 5% . . . their dad 5% . . . their brother 5% . . . and their sister 0%.

Men also keep their problems to themselves 5% of the time.

Women only go to their friends 40% of the time . . . their sister 33% . . . their mom 13% . . . and their dad or brother 0%.

Women also keep their problems to themselves 13% of the time. Meaning they don’t go to ANYONE for advice.


Full story: ( HuffPost )

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