Your Weekend With Jim Brickman

  • This weekend on Your Weekend with Jim Brickman…
  • What are the 25 funniest movies of all time?? Jim & Irma have the answer!
  • Are you kids heading off to join the workforce? Tune in to find out which entry levels are the best, and which ones are thw worst!!
  • Is there so much thing as too much fruit?!! Nutritionist Peggy K stops by with the answer!
  • Did Mariah Carey tweet a picture of herself from 1997 and try to pass off  as being current??’s Richard Ayoub has the answer!
  • Listen this weekend to hear Jim’s incredible story about when he first met Casey Kasem!

Here is this weeks Brickman Bonus Video.

“After All These Years” with Anne Cochran



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