Smells Like Valentines Day

This one is both for the men and women. I love the fact that my man picks out a fragrance for me because I know if I wear it… he is enjoying it too! Well, finding that perfect perfume can be tough, you want it to smell great but also different, unique.

Fragrance Republic is a very smart idea! You can sign up for  each month and  you will receive a brand new exclusive fragrance in a 15ml bottle. These aren’t your typical branded perfumes, everything is created by perfumers who have no limitations and can use ANY ingredients they want. Unlike when celebrities make perfumes they are only allowed to use certain ingredients.

All scents are sold at Fragrance Republic so if you find one you love you’ll be able to get more! There are various membership levels ranging from three months to year. Once you become a citizen of Fragrance Republic you will get 20% off of fragrances sold online!

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