Proud Papa’s Christmas Present Puts PillowTalk Next To Daughter Payton

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Two special PillowTalk dedications among the many were worth noting on Tuesday night. One came via this touching email I received from Steve:

Hi Dean,

I would like to request “Butterfly Kisses” to my 7 yr old daughter Payton. We bought her a radio for her room for Christmas. Ever since then we listen to you while she talks about her day before bed. I just want her to know how special she is and how much she is loved!

I would really appreciate it if you could schedule this dedication at her bedtime so I know she will hear it. 8:30-9 pm

Thank you so much!

Payton’s proud dad Steve

Here’s Steve’s response after I played the song:


Thank you so much! Payton was so surprised and had the biggest smile!!


The other story came from P.J. from Winchester Center in Litchfield County. He has rekindled the romance with Patricia who is now in New Jersey. P.J and Patricia knew each other and dated 50 years ago. They broke up way back when and went their separate ways. P.J. made another woman his wife. That marriage lasted 46 years until P.J.’s wife passed away about a year ago. P.J. and Patricia found each other again via the internet and are back together again. P.J. loves her very much and wants to thank her for all she has done and is glad to be with her again.

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