PillowTalk Celebrates The Writer Of Love Songs

It starts with an idea. An idea that can come from anywhere at anytime. Sometimes it’s impossible to know where the idea comes from. Very often the idea comes from the heart and soul. The heart and soul of THE SONGWRITER. The songwriter molds and shapes their thoughts and feelings into expressions of the heart. Music that reaches out, touches and connects with the deepest part of us and hopefully too, the object of our affection. We begin 2013 with thanks and appreciation for The Songwriter, without whom things like love songs and shows like PillowTalk would not be possible.

Lionel Richie stopped by our station for a meet and greet,interview moment one afternoon on his way to his concert that night in Massachusetts. During my photo op with him he must have detected a slight bit of nervousness on my part. As the photographer snapped the photo, all of the sudden, I felt Lionel’s fist land a punch into the right side of my chest. It was a very smart thing he did. It instantly made me laugh and relax making for a great photo. It was a unique moment that I will never forget. Lionel Richie is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Every year throughout the 1980’s Lionel Richie was a hit making machine from Endless Love to Stuck On You to Deep River Woman. Here are a few time tested Lionel Richie songs…proven to be PillowTalk favorites.

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