Trade Up to Smack Down with Big Y & the NuVal™ Scoring System

big y nuval Trade Up to Smack Down with Big Y & the NuVal™ Scoring System

At Big Y, trading up for better nutrition is easy with the NuVal™ Scoring System.  So why not use

NuVal™ Scores to add more nutrition to recipes?  Lite 100.5 WRCH has teamed up with Big Y’s Living Well Eating Smart Dietitians, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Samson to “Trade Up to Smack Down - Making recipes more nutritious with the NuVal™ Scoring System”! 

Enter a recipe by emailing or by commenting below and you’re automatically entered to win a $250 Big Y gift card and a one year membership to Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness.

healthtrax stacked 222 Trade Up to Smack Down with Big Y & the NuVal™ Scoring System

Carrie and Andrea will choose recipes weekly and show us how simple it is to use the NuVal™ Scoring System to make receipes healthier and more nutritious!   Look for the NuVal™ sign at your neighborhood Big Y World Class Market… Only the best for your family from ours.

For much more on the NuVal™ Scoring System CLICK HERE

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One Comment

  1. jeff says:

    I went shopping at your new Bishops Corner location on Saturday and loved seeing all the Nu Val signs up everywhere in the store. It makes shopping for healthy foods so easy. Thanks

  2. Kathy says:

    My boyfriend and I love nibble on cheese crackers and wine. Any suggestions for making this more healthy?

  3. Jen says:

    I love chicken pot pie, but have only used the recipe off the back of the bisquick box, is there an easy from scratch & healthy way I can make this using the NuVal scoring system?

  4. Barbara says:

    I love a green apple with peanut butter but peanut butter seems to have so much fat in it. Is there a low sugar or reduced fat peanut butter you can recommend?

  5. Mike Stacy says:

    This was sent from a WRCH listener Karen:
    This has been bugging me ever since I heard your trivia question the other morning. Every nutrition book I’ve ever read has always indicated that the nutritional value of food decreases with cooking and processing. So, in the case of the green beans, I would have expected tha…t fresh beans have the highest score, followed by frozen and then canned. You’ve shaken up the way I’ve been thinking (and eating!) for many, many years — please explain! (We gave the fresh, Big Y Frozen and Canned No Salt Added Green Beans as the question.)

  6. Mike Stacy says:

    @ Karen
    Carrie Taylor Great question! In school, we actually had a class called “Science of Food” where we had to test different cooking methods on vitamin content of certain foods. My food was carrots. In that class, I did learn what Karen has read to be true……but the difference between fresh and canned items were so minimal, that in the end, there really is no reason to discriminate between the two if you could purchase a No Salt Added canned variety.

    Additionally, remember NuVal™ Scores are calculated as you find the packaged product—water and all! So, the canned No Salt Added green beans would have the same nutrient profile as fresh or frozen without any added sauces since the product is merely water and green beans.

    Make sense?

    In the end, most Americans aren’t eating enough color…so our mantra remains: Just eat your vegetables!

  7. Mike Stacy says:

    but I could sure use the $250. Big Y card and a gym membership haha!!
    My favorite meal to make for many reasons (healthy, company, comfort) is fajita’s. They can be completely healthy and no one has to know!

    3 peppers (orange, red and yellow or green)
    2 onions chopped
    package of mushrooms

    Cut up peppers and put in non stick large pan. I do not use oil or butter or even non stick spray… the pan is enough. Add onions and mushrooms. Saute til browning occurs and the veggies are soft. I like the onions done well and nicely carmalized.
    Heat fajita wraps in oven just until soft and warm. Have sides ready: fat free or low fat sour cream, reduced fat shredding cheese, cut up tomatoes, quacamole, hot sauce, black beans, fat free re-fried.
    If wanted, saute up some beef, chicken or shrimp…
    Combine and add what you like… and it’s all done.
    Leftovers are great for breakfast with egg beaters too! Or even a breakfast fajita….
    Tks for listening.

  8. Andrea Samson, RD, LDN says:

    Hi Everyone! Great questions so far and thanks for the positive feedback on the NuVal System at Big Y! Let’s start with Kathy’s questions. Carrie and I love cheese and crackers too. First, let’s trade up your crackers.

    The average NuVal Score for crackers is a 17, so you have a lot of room to trade up! Some of our favorite higher-scoring crackers are Kashi TLC 7-Grain and Roasted Vegetable Crackers, with NuVal Scores of 26 and 30, respectively.

    For cheese, you can cut saturated fat and calories by choosing a lower-fat cheese. Compared to Cabot Muenster and Pepper Jack bar cheese with NuVal Scores of 18, you can trade up to Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar with a NuVal Score of 23.

    Or, trade up what you put on your cracker! Try hummus like Tribe Red Pepper Hummus with a NuVal Score of 48, yum!

    Hope these suggestions help, Kathy!

  9. Andrea Samson, RD, LDN says:

    Next let’s answer Jen’s question about Chicken Pot Pie. Great news Jen, you can still use your favorite Bisquick recipe, just make a few simple adjustments to the ingredients you use!

    1. Frozen Mixed Veggies: Some brands have NuVal Scores in the 80’s, choose Full Circle Frozen Mixed Veggies without added sodium/sauces with a NuVal Score of 100!

    2. Cut-up Cooked Chicken: Go white-meat on this one. Big Y Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast has a NuVal Score of 39 while dark meat like thigh meat has a NuVal Score of 27. Or, try making this recipe with Turkey Cutlets – they have a NuVal Score of 48!

    3. Cream of Chicken Soup: Not much room for trading up here, but you can use Campbell’s Reduced Fat (NuVal Score- 25) in place of traditional Campbell’s Cream of Chicken (NuVal Score- 22).

    4. Original Bisquick Mix: Truth be told, original Bisquick only has a NuVal Score of 2. Trade up to Bisquick Heart Smart variety – it has a NuVal Score of 23. Wow!

    5. Milk: Go lowfat or fat-free. With Over The Moon Fat Free Milk (NuVal Score 91), you get the thicker taste of reduced fat milk (NuVal Score 55) without the extra fat.

    6. Egg: Trade up traditional eggs with NuVal Scores of 33 to Eggland’s Best (their eggs have more omega-3s, vitamins and minerals than traditional eggs) with a NuVal Score of 44. Or, try Eggbeaters with a NuVal Score of 58.

    Let us know how you like your “Trade Up to Smack Down” recipe make-over Jen! And thanks for posting!

  10. Andrea Samson, RD, LDN says:

    Want to try this recipe for yourself? Here is the original Bisquick Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Recipe:

    Have a bit more time and want to make chicken pot pie from scratch? We recommend dietitian Ellie Krieger’s recipe from the Food Network:

  11. Andrea Samson, RD, LDN says:

    Now onto Barbara’s question. Peanut butter – my favorite! Peanut butter is a great product to shop for using the NuVal System. With so many varieties (Reduced Fat, No Salt Added, Natural) it’s hard to determine which is the most nutritious choice. For example, reduced fat peanut butter actually scores lower than traditional peanut butter with the NuVal System because they reduce heart-healthy fat and fiber, while increasing sodium and sugar to improve the quality and taste of the product. Yikes!

    Instead, focus on peanut butter’s that contain minimal ingredients: Peanuts! Or, Peanuts and a bit of salt… After all, you never need added oil or sugar in peanut butter. It’s already tasty on it’s own!

    Average NuVal Score for Peanut Butter: 21

    Trade-Up With:

    Teddie’s All Natural Super Chunky PB (my favorite): NuVal Score- 38
    Teddie’s All Natural Unsalted PB: NuVal Score-49

    That oil sitting on top? It’s heart-healthy, so mix it in and enjoy! Thanks for your question, Barbara!

  12. jessica says:

    I like the idea of comparison of food nutrients and the nuval scores to help shoppers make better food choices. I am a teacher and wondering if the Big Y has considered incorporating this program into the schools educational curriculum? With the increasing issue of childhood obesity, curriculum in the schools for educating young consumers would be a healthy and beneficial contribution.

  13. Dian Curtis says:

    I love seeing all the Nu Val symbols on Big Y products, shows someone is listening. And some one is helping. Thanks Big Y for all your efforts to help with todays health eating solutions.

  14. Amy says:

    Rinsing off canned beans under cold water reduces the amount of sodium by up to 30% – definitely worth the extra step!

  15. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    Hi Jessica,

    What wonderful feedback and idea! We will have different activities on the NuVal™ Scoring System specifically just for kids coming up in the future. As for incorporating it into curriculum, we’ll definitely pass your recommendation along to our team here in addition to the group at NuVal, LLC.

  16. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    Thank you Dian for the great feedback!

  17. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    Yes Amy, you’re absolutely correct!

    And with most of us missing the goal of eating ½-cup of beans each day, adding canned beans to recipes is a simple way to add fiber and protein to meals without excess fat or calories.

  18. Annette Maggi, the NuVal Dietitian says:

    Good morning to all,

    I wanted to get back to Jessica on her inquiry about schools. We definitely see schools a huge opportunity for using NuVal in schools to help students make more nutritious food choices. We currently have a school’s pilot underway in Independence, MO, where NuVal scores are posted on all a la carte and vending items, giving middle and high school students the same power to choose more nutritious foods as you have in the grocery store. The pilot will continue for the remainder of the school year, at which time we will analyze the results and determine opportunities for expanding the progrm in schools.

    Annette Maggi, MS, RD, LD, FADA
    Sr. Director of Nutrition
    NuVal LLC

  19. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    As a follow up to Mike’s post on 2/18 regarding fajitas, check out my posting on trading up fajitas on our blog to see where NuVal™ Scores take you while trading up!

    Here’s the link:

  20. Tim says:

    NuVal makes the lable reading proces obsolete. Way to go BigY.

  21. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    Thanks Tim!

  22. peter evans jr says:

    awesome system and programs for people

  23. Carrie Taylor, RD, LDN says:

    Thanks Peter!

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